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Storytime featuring Erika Reynolds for The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie: Trip to the Moon

Our recurring Saturday morning picture book storytime gets a special visit from author Ericka Reynolds for her book The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie: Trip to the Moon which which gives children an understanding of space and the profession of astronauts. 

Cleo (a Toy Poodle) and Sophie (a Yorkshire Terrier) live with their African American family. Each day when the family leaves for school and work, Cleo and Sophie have an adventure day and think of a fun place to go and something new to learn. In today's adventure Cleo and Sophie travel to the moon where they learn about space and astronauts. The book includes an inspirational message for dreaming big and following your heart's desire as well as learning activities which include, reading comprehension, creative writing, drawing and coloring pages. 

Author Ericka Reynolds is Chief of Business Operations for the Cyber and Strategic Enabling Directorate for the United States Air Force. Throughout her 23-year career she has served in many capacities from financial analyst to defense strategist and supported efforts across the Department of Defense. When she is not serving in her federal role she engages in her passion for writing. Her first publication, “The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie: Trip to the Moon” is a children’s book which features her two dogs. “Enslaved, The Lady and Her Pentagon” is her first fiction publication.

Ericka holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Alabama State University, a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University and certification as a Reiki practitioner from the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.